CAEP brings offshore alternatives to South Africa

CAEP, founded by Stephen Pratt, offers a South African regulatory hosting platform, partnering with advisors and portfolio managers to provide regulatory, compliance and business support.

The hosting solution allows investment professionals to focus on their core activities, while having confidence in the operational framework of compliance and governance.

“One area we are particularly excited to be involved in is bringing offshore alternative products to the South African space so that domestic investors can have access to global alternatives,” says Pratt. “Our hosting solution offers speed to market, leveraging our established contacts and networks. We look to cultivate sustainable partnerships by building long-term relationships to help bring growth and success for our partners.”

CAEP has partnered with New York-headquartered Belmont Capital to offer regulated access to top-class global hedge fund strategies.

It is also working with Garrington Capital, a North American based private credit operator that provides financing solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises in the US and Canada. CAEP aims to make Garrington’s Coral Cove Private Credit Fund available to South African investors via its platform.

With the CAEP platform business up and running, Pratt is in the process of incorporating Prime Asset Managers into the CAEP group, which has until now been run as a joint venture with the Prime Investments group.

CAEP’s business operations team includes Nicky Oates, Alex Lombaard, Claudine Stollarz and Nicoleen Jacobs.

“As a global consultancy and enablement platform, CAEP provides bespoke solutions to the financial services industry, enabling business and individuals to operate optimally,” says Pratt. “Our strong relationships and broad experience enable us to build effective solutions for traditional and alternative asset managers, enabling portfolio managers to focus on their core business while partnering with a service provider that enhances and complements their processes.”

CAEP has representation nationally in South Africa, and globally in Mauritius, Guernsey, Europe and the United Kingdom. Copyright. HedgeNews Africa – July 2023.