Terebinth flies the flag for medium-sized firms

Small and medium-sized firms deserve wider support as they play a vital role in the asset management industry, particularly in the hedge fund space....

Gemcorp’s mission to draw capital to Africa

The world’s largest sovereign wealth funds and pension funds allocate just a fraction of their portfolios to Africa, according to London-headquartered Gemcorp Capital Management,...

Mazi builds global capability

Mazi Asset Management has made significant strides in building its global equity offering, with ambitions of being a meaningful global player. Portfolio manager Andreas van...

Generating alpha in a polycrisis world

A world of multiple risks requires local long-only and hedge fund managers who can look beyond a narrow lens. This is one of the key takeaways of the recent HedgeNews Africa Symposium. We look at this and other learnings from SA’s top alpha generators.

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Nitrogen builds on 15-year track record

Fifteen years along, Nitrogen Fund Managers continues to deliver steady and consistent returns for investors, with its low volatility long/short equity fund delivering a...

AIP positioned for uptick in alternatives interest

Cape town-based AIP Capital Management is gaining traction, growing its range of products as it builds on its vision of being a leading provider...


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Bullish on blockchain

Marc de Kloe is bullish on blockchain.  From his perspective, what’s going on in the space is analogous to the start of the Internet evolution...

Hedge funds for a ‘polycrisis’ future

Is it just noise? CFM's Andre Breedt discusses longer-term structural shifts that are set to play out in yet uncertain ways.

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Enko builds ahead of impact private credit launch

Enko Capital has expanded its team, adding Rachel Cochran as chief sustainability officer and Siby Diabira as a principal on the private equity team. Established...

Cordier on board at Visio

Corinne Cordier has joined Visio Fund Management as of the start of April, where she takes the role of fixed income and multi-asset fund...