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Assets surge in SA hedge funds, ASISA reports

Hedge fund industry sees assets under management jump 30% in 2022, in regulated hedge RIFs and QIFs

The enduring case for global macro

Andre Breedt at CFM outlines five themes that consensus expects to be the most burning issues in 2023 and beyond

Winning by not losing

Allocating just a portion of a portfolio to hedge funds can increase return, while reducing volatility and drawdown, writes Emma Pretorius at Amplify

Crypto – moving on from FOMO and HODLing towards genuine DeFi

Is crypto a busted flush? Or is Ethereum and DeFi the future of finance? asks Neil Wilson

Private equity can deliver on multiple fronts

Private equity can deliver both financial and impact outcomes for investors, says Ria Papier at Old Mutual Private Equity

Clarity and certainty on Reg 28

Updated amendments to Reg 28 offer pension funds clarity and regulatory certainty, write Elena Ilkova and Kate Rushton at RMB.

Performance in the new bear market? So far, so good

It’s been a tough year so far in the markets. So how have hedge funds been doing in this new bear market? Well, so far, not too bad.

Alternative Investor Survey 2022

Investors are more upbeat than ever about hedge funds, according to our latest annual survey. Despite a very challenging global macro outlook, they remain optimistic about the opportunity set and prospects for the industry going forward

Absa expands on benefits of Note programme

HedgeNews Africa talks to Adam Reeves from Absa Fund-Linked Solutions about the nuts and bolts of its Note programme.

Rand-based hedge funds increase 12% in 2021, asset survey finds

Assets in rand-based hedge funds grew by 12.5% to R63.13 billion from R56.1 billion the year before, according to the latest HNA asset survey