Industry Research

Industry Research

Why private equity – pros and cons

How does private equity create value? Mmitji Letsoalo at Thuso Partners, discusses the pros and cons.

Aurum forges ahead in investor transparency

HedgeNews Africa sits down with the team at Aurum Fund Management (Pty) Ltd to discuss the challenges and changes around investor reporting in the hedge fund industry.

Investor Survey 2021: diversification key for post-pandemic portfolios

Investors are increasingly upbeat about hedge funds, according to our latest annual survey, which polled major South African allocators

SA pensions missing out on hedge fund potential

“Why don’t South African pension funds invest in hedge funds like their developed market peers?” asks Andre Steyn, founder and portfolio manager at Steyn Capital Management

Emerging markets: shifting dynamics

Emerging markets continue to cause headaches for investors, with the coronavirus reminding them of the level of market volatility and uncertainty they can endure. There continue to be opportunities in emerging markets, but whilst developed market equities are continuing to perform well, investors will be less interested in taking on more risk for similar returns. What might cause investor sentiment to change?

South African hedge fund assets tick higher in 2020

Assets in South African hedge funds reached R72.2 billion in the 12 months to the end of December 2020, according to HedgeNews Africa research, increasing by 10.55% from R65.33 billion the year before, after four years of declines

Why crypto suddenly looks less cryptic – and more compelling

Crypto is undoubtedly finding some new respectability. Over the past year, some of the biggest naysayers of previous years – including Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, Larry Fink of BlackRock and Ray Dalio of Bridgewater – have become believers, writes Neil Wilson

Novare sees growth in hedge fund assets

Against a backdrop of volatility in both the global and domestic capital markets, the latest Novare hedge fund survey shows that after two successive years of steady decline, the industry AUM has increased to R52.8 billion during the 12-month period to end-2019, which constitutes growth of 12%.

Private equity shows start of recovery

The latest RisCura-SAVCA South African Private Equity Performance Report for the second quarter of 2020 showed glimpses of a recovery, though Covid-19’s impact remains evident

Early nominations point to competitive 2020

With two months of returns still to be captured in 2020, the landscape is an extremely competitive one for the 2020 HedgeNews Africa Awards. This month’s early nomination list reflects a group of funds that have thus far protected capital and generated meaningful upside for their investors in a whipsawing environment.