Single managers remain positive for January

South African hedge funds started the year on a solid footing, with the HedgeNews Africa South Africa Single-Manager Composite delivering a 1.64% gain.

The broader HedgeNews Africa Single-Manager Composite, which includes African and global mandates, also added 1.64% for the month. 

This compares with 5.21% from South Africa’s FTSE/JSE All Share Index, while the All Bond Index added 0.76%.

South African long/short equity funds were the strongest performers for the month, gaining a median 2.32%.

Market neutral and quantitative funds and fixed income mandates also had a good beginning to 2021, with the categories adding a respective 1.02% and 1.06%.

Multi-strategy funds added 0.83% in January.

Pan-Africa funds also had a healthy start, gaining 1.26%. CopyrightHedgeNews Africa – January 2021.

Median Mean 
South African MediansJan-21YTDJan-21YTD
Long/Short Equity2.32%2.32%2.56%2.56%
Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies1.02%1.02%1.21%1.21%
Single Manager Multi-Strategy0.83%0.83%1.90%1.90%
Fixed Income1.06%1.06%1.09%1.09%
Event Driven (credit)0.63%0.63%0.63%0.63%

African Medians
Pan-Africa / AME1.26%1.26%2.39%2.39%

SA Single-Manager Composite1.64%1.64%1.91%1.91%
HedgeNews Africa Single-Manager Composite1.64%1.64%2.19%2.19%