March brings wide range of returns

The HedgeNews Africa South Africa Single-Manager Composite added 0.49% in March, to sit 1.42% higher for the year so far, while the broader HedgeNews Africa Single-Manager Composite, which include Pan Africa strategies, added 0.27% (+1.03% year to date).

South African multi-strategy funds gained a median 0.81%, to sit 2.46% higher on the year, exceeded only by the much smaller private debt category, which gained 0.93% in March to sit a median 2.71% higher on the year.

Market neutral and quantitative funds added a median 0.58% in March (0.54% year to date), while long/short equity funds gained a median 0.28% in March, slightly ahead of a flat JSE.

South African fixed income funds added a 0.11% in March and are now a median 1.18% ahead for the year.

The HedgeNews Africa Pan Africa median lost 3.7% for in March, and is 4.57% lower for the first quarter. Pan African equity funds had a tough month, with most losing ground, while fixed income funds made gains. Copyright. HedgeNews Africa РMarch 2022.