Hedge funds rebound in April

South African hedge funds rebounded in April to record their best monthly gain since 2007, after their biggest median drop in March.

The HedgeNews Africa South African Single-Manager Composite added a median 4.84%, after a median 4.6% decline in March, to sit just 2.02% lower for the year, outperforming equities and bonds.

By comparison, the FTSE/JSE All Share Index climbed 13.98% in March to sit 10.39% lower year to date, while the All Bond Index gained 3.92% (down 5.16% year to date) and the MSCI World Index surged 10.8% to sit 12.96% lower on the year.

By strategy, long/short equity funds made the biggest jump in April, posting a 6.4% median gain, while multi-strategy funds added 5.33%.

Market-neutral and quantitative funds added 3.84% while fixed income funds recorded their best monthly gain, adding 2.73%.

Pan-Africa focused portfolios staged a minor comeback in April, adding a median 4.63%. Copyright. HedgeNews Africa – May 2020

Median Mean 
South African MediansApr-20YTDApr-20YTD
Long/Short Equity6.40%-7.70%7.79%-6.39%
Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies3.84%2.85%4.42%0.97%
Single Manager Multi-Strategy5.33%-7.61%7.28%-6.99%
Fixed Income2.73%2.44%5.39%3.20%
Event Driven (credit)-0.02%2.20%-0.02%2.20%
African Medians
Pan-Africa / AME4.63%-22.34%4.58%-18.22%
SA Single-Manager Composite4.84%-2.02%6.26%-3.92%
HedgeNews Africa Single-Manager Composite4.92%-6.43%6.56%-5.68%