Emerging markets: shifting dynamics

Emerging markets continue to cause headaches for investors, with the coronavirus reminding them of the level of market volatility and uncertainty they can endure. There continue to be opportunities in emerging markets, but whilst developed market equities are continuing to perform well, investors will be less interested in taking on more risk for similar returns. What might cause investor sentiment to change?

Savvy Investor has compiled 30 of the top emerging markets papers in recent months:

Tech and the Consumer have Reshaped Today’s Emerging Markets (Manulife IM, May 2021) 07/05/21

Emerging Markets Quarterly Outlook (City of London) Latest 05/05/21

Understanding China’s Dual Circulation Economic Strategy (Insight Investment, 2021) 05/05/21

A Leapfrog Moment for China in ESG Reporting (WEF, 2021) 05/05/21

Podcast: Emerging markets debt – Macro and markets (PineBridge Investments, May 2021) 04/05/21

Breaking Down China Huarong’s Debt Case: What it means for China’s bond market (PineBridge) 04/05/21

Asia Tech — Innovation beyond the index: Q&A session (Wellington Management, Apr 2021) 30/04/21

Podcast: The Question Is… Why Should Investors Bother With Emerging Markets? (Lazard AM) 29/04/21

EM Taper Tantrum Versus Reflationary Scare? (Cornell University, 2021) 28/04/21

Reasons for Including China in a Sustainability-Focused Portfolio (Willis Towers Watson, 2021) 28/04/21

Incorporating ESG in Portfolio Design: Implementation in China (Willis Towers Watson, 2021) 28/04/21

The Evolution of China’s Lending to Emerging Markets (Franklin Templeton, Apr 2021) 27/04/21

Growth and Prosperity: African sovereign wealth funds focus on ESG (Franklin Templeton, 2021) 27/04/21

EM Fixed Income Q1 Review and Q2 Outlook: Paying the price of higher growth upfront (UBS AM) 21/04/21

Video: China equities market update and outlook (UBS AM, Apr 2021) 21/04/21

The Taming of China’s Tech Titans (PGIM Fixed Income blog, Apr 2021) 21/04/21

Allocation to China in a New World (Willis Towers Watson, 2021) 21/04/21

EM Outlook (TCW, Apr 2021) 21/04/21

The Merits of a Standalone Equity Allocation to China (Willis Towers Watson, 2021) 21/04/21

China: Charting the course to carbon neutrality (Robeco, Apr 2021) 20/04/21

Emerging Market Green Bonds Report 2020 (Amundi, 2021) 19/04/21

Has Africa Sidestepped the Pandemic? (Invesco, Apr 2021) 15/04/21

Response by Central Banks in Emerging Market Economies to COVID-19 (RBA, 2021) 14/04/21

Deadly Debt Crises: Covid-19 in Emerging Markets (FRBM, 2021) 14/04/21

Emerging Trends in Real Estate for Asia Pacific 2021 (PwC) 14/04/21

Brazil and South Africa: Two continental giants with feet of clay (PGIM Fixed Income, Apr 2021) 13/04/21

Outlook on Emerging Markets (Lazard Asset Management, Apr 2021) 09/04/21

Emerging Market Corporate Bonds: The new core fixed income staple (PineBridge Investments, 2021) 08/04/21

Asia at the Forefront: The world’s uneven emergence from COVID-19 (Franklin Templeton, 2021) 25/03/21

The Next Chapter for FinTech in China (WEF, 2021) 24/03/21