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Single Manager Tables 2023

Funds end year on positive note

FTSE/JSE All Share adds 2% in December after volatile fourth quarter

Multi-strategy leads as markets rebound

FTSE/JSE All Share Index climbs 8.55% in November as MSCI All World Index adds 9.21%

Funds take a hit as markets decline

FTSE/JSE All Share Index loses -3.44% in October to sit -1.33% lower on the year

Funds battle sombre September

FTSE/JSE All Share loses -2.55% as major stock markets retreat

Hedge funds strong in difficult markets

The HedgeNews Africa South Africa Single Manager Composite added a median 1.19% in August as global markets lost ground, with the FTSE/JSE All Share...

Funds mixed as markets climb

FTSE/JSE All Share adds 4.01% in July as All Bond Index rises 2.29%

Funds regain lost ground

JSE adds 1.35% in June as ALBI climbs 4.58%

Funds battle tough May

JSE All Share Index declines by -3.92%

Multi-strategy leads in strong month for equity markets

FTSE/JSE All Share Index adds 3.38% for the month as ALBI loses 1.17%

Returns diverge in varied markets

The HedgeNews Africa Single Manager Composite came in flat in March with an extensive range of underlying returns, as the FTSE/JSE All Share Index (TRI) lost...