Editor's Pick

Editor's Pick

Clarity and certainty on Reg 28

Updated amendments to Reg 28 offer pension funds clarity and regulatory certainty, write Elena Ilkova and Kate Rushton at RMB.

Performance in the new bear market? So far, so good

It’s been a tough year so far in the markets. So how have hedge funds been doing in this new bear market? Well, so far, not too bad.

Graphite empowers through effective due diligence

HedgeNews Africa chats to Jacques du Plessis, director and CIO at Graphite Asset Advisory, the independently owned financial services business, which offers specialist...

In conversation: Unpacking Section 65

How does one go about marketing an offshore fund to the South African public? HedgeNews Africa delves into...

The power to transform the energy sector

Paul Semple, head of unlisted credit, Futuregrowth Asset Management, discusses the way forward for South Africa's energy sector

Why the multi-management model works

The multi-manager approach is one of the most consistently successful ways to adjust risk and deliver better returns, writes Kagiso Mathole at Novare Investments

The case for alternative credit

Alternative credit and private debt strategies have ballooned globally due to banks being unable to lend to companies to finance growth. The investment opportunity is compelling, writes Philippa Owen at Grayswan

Africa ex-SA funds – an essential diversifier with a growth...

The key attraction African countries have for investors is the high GDP growth rates off very low economic bases, which can in turn spur superior returns, writes Visio

To hedge or not to hedge – that is the...

An allocation to hedge funds offers a unique ability to diversify traditional equity, credit and interest-rate risks within a typical investment portfolio, writes Yuvern Dokie at Alexander Forbes Investments

SA wealth managers turning to uncorrelated alternative assets

South African wealth managers are increasingly looking beyond traditional investments to include alternative investments in their higher-net-worth clients’ portfolios, writes Westbrooke